VOICES: A dream takes off

Kennedy Williams finally finds out if she has what it takes to attend Joffrey Ballet School over the summer

VOICES: A dream takes off

Kennedy Williams, Quick listens podcaster

“Am I good enough?” I wonder, readying myself for the audition that awaits.

“Come on girls!” the instructor says to us. As I walk through the tall doors of Booker T. Washington High School, I peel off my sweatshirt and take my position in the middle of the floor.

I look around the room. I really do have some competition.

“OK, girls I’m Mr. Ozsoy, I will be your instructor for the audition today, good luck.” Mr. Ozsoy is a short man with gray thin hair.

As he goes through the combination, I try my hardest remember each and every step he does.

“I hope you got it, because now it’s turn,” he says. “Everyone get into groups of three and go over it, you got three minutes.”

After seeing the two groups before us, I have no confidence at all; they did beautifully. He calls my group to go next.

My hands start sweating, a thousand thoughts go through my head all at once, and it feels like I’m going to faint, but somehow I manage to have a smile. Mr. Ozsoy turns on the music and boom… I take off. It feels like I am flying through the sky. I take off. I take my last bow.

I just gave the best performance of my life.

“Thank you girls, you should be hearing back from Joffrey in two weeks,” Mr. Ozsoy says. On the way back home, only two thoughts ran back and forth: “Did I do good or didn’t I?”

The next two weeks are torture. Every time I think about the audition, I feel like I am going to be sick.

A few weeks later, I hear my mother call out to me.

“Kennedy, come down stairs I have something to tell you!”

I hastily race down the stairs and see huge smile on her face. There’s a puzzled look on mine.

“You’ve been accepted to go to Joffrey in New York!”

I snatch the phone out of her hand and read the email. I turn to her and we both scream in excitement.

Four months later, my bags are packed, and I’m headed toward my dream.

“Finally, we’re here in the Big Apple,” my mother says

And finally, I know I’m good enough.