What do you think of the new 75,600 minute policy for schools?

This fall, the Texas Legislature voted to chance the definition of a school year to at least 75,600 minutes of instruction as opposed to 180 days. The law could mean that students and staff will not have to make up bad weather days, or in the case of Arlington ISD, that students could get out of school a little earlier in the year.

We asked students at Red Oak if they think the district should use the extra minutes to end the school year early.

It would be awesome if the school would be able to have more days off.”

— Joey Brinskey

That would be cool cause I could sleep more and play video games.”

— Anthony Lynn

I would like to have more breaks because we can relax and prepare for school for a longer amount of time.”

— Darius Jackson

That would be better because we would get more days off because of the minutes.”

— Bryson Douthit

It would be nice to have more days off by adding the minutes.”

— Luke Maskevich

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