EDITORIAL: Dating can have positive effect on middle school students

Close-up of a couple holding hands in field

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Close-up of a couple holding hands in field

Your parents sit you down and tell you that your relationship is just going to hurt you.

Your teacher pulls you out of class, and tells you that your relationship is distracting you from the real purpose you’re here – to learn.

Your older sibling tells you that you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.

But they’re wrong. Dating can be good for kids, especially in middle school.

Dating can help kids be more prepared for future relationships, as they will have already experienced the heartbreak from their childhood relationships. Even psychologists say that dating is good for kids because it helps them learn what they want and need in future relationships.

Not only that, but teen dating can also help kids stay focused in school; they want to go to class and see their boyfriend or girlfriend. Many students will abandon their friends in the hall and rush to class just so they can be there when their significant other arrives. Instead of causing tardies, relationships can actually prevent them.

Dating can also motivate teens to keep their grades and behavior in check. When parents tell their kids they can’t date unless they keep their grades up. They’ll want to keep their grades up because they want to date their significant other.

While it’s easy to see dating at the middle school age as a negative, it certainly doesn’t have to be. Learning these important social lessons early can prepare students our age for the future society we will live in.