From Darth Vader to The Bride, the top 5 cinematic showdowns of all-time


Josh Diaz Deleon, Entertainment writer

They’re bloody, they’re over-the-top … and they couldn’t be more entertaining. Here’s a look at the best movie showdowns in film history.

5. The Bride vs. O-Ren Ishii

This bloody, heart-racing duel takes place during Volume 1, as The Bride (Uma Thurman) works to get revenge on those who tried assassinate her on her wedding day. Shredding through the Crazy 88 (and everyone else in her way, The Bride ends up finishing off O-Ren (Lucy Liu) in the end. This movie is a must-see for lovers of Samurai — and blood.

4. Indiana Jones vs. Cairo Henchmen

This anti-climactic showdown was, surprisingly enough, improvised. Apparently, Jones (and actor Harrison Ford) was a little too tired to deal with the crafty swordsman.

3. Dutch vs. Predator

“Predator” is largely known for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “GET TO THE CHOPPAH!” line, along with, of course, that hideous alien — or should I say predator? The predator hunts Dutch’s team down one by one and leaves them skinned and hanged. Supposedly, this is a sport for the predator. Dutch ends up stabbing the predator in the chest, leading it to commit suicide by self destructing.

2. Ripley vs. Alien Queen

In this fantasy/thriller, Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) and her team are awoken from their cryo-sleep to investigate the commercial starship Nostromo in the aftermath of everyone’s disappearance, with the crew ultimately discovering the ship is boarded with alien eggs. Following a host of alien and human deaths, the queen xenomorph enters a final showdown with Ripley. The Alien Queen ends up getting sucked up into space by the ship’s air lock.

1. Darth Vader vs. Luke Skywalker

Vader is commanded to kill his own son by Darth Sidious. Vader refuses to duel with him while Luke is getting shocked by Sidious. Vader finally avenges his long-lost son and throws Sidious over the edge, getting electrocuted in the process. At the end, Luke takes off his father’s mask, revealing Vader’s true identity.