Top 5 saddest movie deaths


Ashlee Davis, Quick Teads reporter


5. Jack Dawson, “Titanic”

Although some viewers had a good time making fun of his untimely death, it’s still brings tears to the eyes witnessing Jack drown in the cold, unforgiving ocean.


4. Kili, “The Hobbit”

Trying to protect the one he loved, Kili had his life taken from the most unworthy of foes: the Trolls. The Troll responsible for Kili’s death was soon killed, but it didn’t make up for the unwanted and unexpected moment.


3. Yoda, “Star Wars”

Yoda’s was a somewhat predictable, but still heartbreaking, death. Our dear old Yoda died from the natural causes of old age, an honorable, but kind of anticlimactic death.


2. Dobby, Harry Potter

All he wanted to do was serve — as his dying wish, he finally got the chance to serve Mr. Potter. Even the older people started to cry when this brave little helper jumped through the portal for Harry, even if we could’ve predicted the knife coming to end his life.


1. Augustus Waters, “The Fault in Our Stars”

This untimely death tears to the eyes of even the most cynical viewer. After Augustus’ cancer returned, we knew he was a goner, but it didn’t make the death any less tragic.