It’s front-and-center for me during ‘Girls Night’


Courtney Jackson, In-depth reporter

As the girls walk out on stage, the pre-teen and teenage girls around me start screaming wildly.

I can’t help but join them. We all scream “I love you” with huge grins on our faces.

The adoration is aimed at the six YouTubers of “Girls Night In”: Eva Gutowski, Meredith Foster, Alisha Marie, Andie Case, Mia Stammer, and Sierra Furtado.

During their Oct. 22 performance in Dallas, the ladies “save YouTube” by acting like they were making their own YouTube video. There were video clips projected onto the screen while the girls were changing and preparing for their next part of the show. Some of the videos included parts of their life in cartoon form, a fake reality show about them and bloopers of them dancing.

Before the main five girls arrived on stage to start acting, Andie Case came out and sang a few songs. Case is a YouTuber too, but she didn’t act with the rest of the group. Instead, she sang covers of songs such as “Wildest Dreams” by Taylor Swift and “Want To Want Me” by Jason Derulo.

While all parts of the show were loads of fun, the best part was what happened onstage during the main part of their act. On the screen above the stage, there was a phone number projected and a message that said to text your name and email address for a chance to get to go onstage. Like the fangirl I am, I texted my name and email address eight times. I got the “Congratulations!” message and in an hour, I would get to go onstage with my favorite people ever.

The security guard led me through some hallways and behind the stage. I waited there for 15 minutes until it was my turn. I opened the door to see the crowd staring at me and the girls onstage smiling widely at me. One of them, Mia, asked for my name and led me to my seat, a white fluffy chair.

Mia handed me a pair of headphones that were blasting music and gestured for me to put them on. She then asked if I could hear her. I said a confused “What?” which meant I for sure couldn’t hear. She proceeded to look at the screen and read me a sentence the crew had put together backstage. I was to guess what Mia was saying by looking at her lips, and believe me, it’s harder than it looks.

After saying a puzzled “cheese?” a million times, I finally got the sentence correct: “Google is my first chief.” I still have no idea what that means.

Hours later, the show was came to a close. All six girls were onstage, taking people’s phones and spamming them with selfies. There were beach balls bouncing around the crowd and music blaring. After a few more pictures, a few more “I love you”s and a few more waves goodbye, the girls walked off the stage, a perfect ending to an even more perfect night.