ROJH’s got talent!

Students, staff have a wide array of unusual abilities

Allyssa Villalon, Student Life Editor

It’s not just America that’s got talent — ROJH has a few talented students and staff of its own.

Eighth grade U.S. history teacher Carolyn Brown is left handed, which isn’t so shocking on its won. But when she writes, she writes upside down.

“I like the way I write, but it’s a struggle to write with a pen because it smears all over the paper and my hand,” Brown said.

Eighth grader Loey Parker can twist her forearm around and it doesn’t even hurt her.

“Sometimes I like my double-jointed arm because it’s something that makes me different but other times, it gets annoying,” Parker said. “Everyone will come up to me to ask me to show them my arm, and they won’t leave until I show them so that’s why its annoying sometimes. Also it gets in the way of my dancing because everyone can keep up and do every move while I struggle trying to move my arms identically like theirs.”

Theatre teacher Katrina Keener isn’t just gifted at acting. She can also sing and do accents.

“I’ve been able to do almost any accent ever since I was little,” Keener said. “When I was in school, some kids would make fun of me but it didn’t really bother me.”

Eighth grader Bailey Gajdica has a knack for drawing. She can draw almost anything with just a pencil and a blank piece of paper.

“I started drawing during my free time in 5th grade, but it was just a hobby and still is,” Gajdica said. “I never knew I was good at drawing until one day I got bored and started drawing and everyone told me it was amazingly great.”