Top 10 movies currently streaming on Netflix

Top 10 movies currently streaming on Netflix

Courtney Jackson, In-depth reporter

10) Camp Takota

After Elise Miller (played by Grace Helbig) gets fired and cheated on, she loses her cool and goes to work at her old summer camp with her two best friends. This movie is a great rom-com, and it’s really down to earth about bad luck. The main actors are all YouTubers, which I find really cool because it shows that the YouTube community is taking off in another direction.

9) Triple Dog

A slumber party turns interesting when some teen girls start to play a game of dares which may have killed a girl in the past. This movie is great if you’re looking for people doing some outrageous dares. I like this movie because it is hilarious with just a touch of horror.

8) The Pregnancy Project

Since teen pregnancy runs in Gaby Rodriguez’s (played by Alexa Vega) family, she decides to fake a pregnancy as part of a school social experiment. I love this movie because it is so interesting to watch this girl pretend to be pregnant. She goes through ups and downs, and I find it interesting to watch her go through this time in her life.

7) Cyberbully

Taylor Hillridge (played by Emily Osment) becomes a victim of online bullying that gets completely out of hand. This movie really shows the reality of cyberbullying and bullying in general. She goes through this terrible part of her life in which she is hurt, confused and not emotionally stable.

6) GBF

After Tanner (played by Michael J. Willett) accidently comes out of the closet at school, he loses his best friend and the three most popular girls start to fight over him. This movie is just plain hilarious, and it isn’t at all like other high school movies. It also shows the importance of being who you really are, especially for those who are gay.

5) Standing Up

After two kids get stranded naked at summer camp as part of a joke, they run away from the bullies (and the summer camp itself) and develop a friendship. This shows what can happen because of bullying, and it also shows the blossoming of a friendship. This movie also shows that some movies can be about friendship, not just romance.

4) Clueless

The extremely popular, pretty and rich Cher (played by Alicia Silverstone) tries to reinvent the new girl, Tai (played by Brittany Murphy). This is a classic movie for any girl just wanting to chill on a Friday night. It’s funny, if a bit cliche, but it’s still a favorite.

3) Silver Linings Playbook

After losing his job and wife, and being in a mental institution, Pat Solatano (played by Bradley Cooper) wants to rebuild his life, but runs into trainwreck Tiffany (played by Jennifer Lawrence) in the process. This movie is great because it shows so much generosity and jealousy. And I love how it applies to both genders; football incorporated in the movie for the guys and romance for the girls.

2) Stuck In Love

William Borgens (played by Greg Kinnear) tries to reconnect with his ex-wife.

Rusty Borgens (played by Natt Wolff) starts dating the popular girl.

Samantha Borgens (played by Lily Collins) is publishing a book and connects with a new friend. This movie is full of romance (even “love” is in the title). This movie is so down-to-earth and interesting because you never expect what happens next. Also, the three main characters are writers, so when I’m done watching the movie, I just want to get up and write a book.

1) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ferris Bueller (played by Matthew Broderick) goes to extremes to get out of school with his girlfriend, Sloane Peterson (played by Mia Sara) and best friend Cameron Frye (played by Alan Ruck), while principal, Ed Rooney (played by Jeffrey Jones) tries to catch them skipping school. This movie is a hilarious classic. I love this movie because it is perfect for any rainy day or day that you stay home “sick.” It lets you chill our and laugh your butt off. I guarantee that you will laugh until your stomach hurts at everything that happens in this movie.