The five worst things about junior high

Mahala Higginbotham, Breaking News Editor

#5: Double Block ELAR classes

Even though they’ll be gone next year, I will still never get over the fact that double-blocked ELAR classes were real. For most of my year, my ELAR class consisted of a little work and a lot of reading our library books. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it just gets old after the first month of school.


#4: The people in the hallways

From the first to the last day of school, this will always be an unsolvable issue. No matter what any teacher or administrator tries to do, that one group of people who stop in the middle of the hallway will never not exist. It makes middle school what it truly is.


#3: The dress code Nazis

Whether you’re having a good day or a bad day, these people will make it worse. Sometimes you’re just standing in the middle of the hallway when BAM! you’re getting sent to the office for not having a belt on.


#2: The required Spanish and technology courses

Unless you love technology or you’re planning on taking the spanish course in eighth grade, these classes are useless. For me, I’m not taking spanish, and I somewhat know how to type on a keyboard without needing a half a semester class on it.


#1: Friends.

Friends in any form, for a matter of fact. Your crushes fall under this category, so do your enemies. Now you’re seeing how mortifying this word is. Everyone’s hormones are going insane and I don’t think it’s possible to go through this year without a little bit of nonessential drama.