Students prepare for final exams

Hannah Norwood, Student Life Reporter

Many ROJH students try hard all year, but when it comes down to crunch time, some students try even harder.

“I tried hard all semester and now that we are getting closer to finals, I am trying even harder,” 7th grader Matthew Hopgood said.

Students are given an hour and a half to complete their final exams, which will take place June 2-5, depending on the class period.

Eighth grader Danielle Foster said she is paying more attention in class, doing all of her work and turning it on time.

“This is helping me keep my grades up, just in case I don’t do good on the exam, it won’t affect me as badly,” Foster said.

Students can also be exempt from final exams if they have received no more than four absences or tardies, have at least an 80 percent average in the class for the for the spring semester of the course, have been enrolled for at least two six weeks grading period prior to the end of the semester and met “Level II: Satisfactory Performance” on the STAAR test corresponding to the content area of the test in question.