Throwback Thursday: The top 10 movies of the 1990s

Kailee Kerstiens, General Assignments Reporter

#10: “Jurassic Park”

Rating: PG-13

Released: June 11, 1993

Why it’s No. 10: It’s an amazing movie with great acting and boasts a good message about not messing with the environment. Plus, this film made computer-animated monsters mainstream in blockbusters for decades to come.



#9: “Pocahontas”    

Rating: G

Released: June 23, 1995

Why it’s No. 9: The movie is well-animated and has some great music. The main characters are pretty memorable and the supporting characters are pretty entertaining, which somewhat makes up for the film’s historical inaccuracies.


#8: “Matilda”    

Rating: PG

Released: August 2, 1996

Why it’s No. 8: The movie is based on a popular children’s book of the same name by Roald Dahl. The story is charming and has interesting characters, including its title heroine.

#7: “Forrest Gump”      

Rating: PG-13

Released: July 6, 1994

Why it’s No. 7: It is a very well put together film. The content is memorable and Tom Hanks did a great job playing Forrest. My only problem is that it’s just a little too far-fetched. Otherwise, it is an amazing film.

#6: “Men in Black”                                                          

Rating: PG-13

Released: July 2, 1997

Why it’s No. 6: This movie is amazing. Will Smith plays his character really well and seems to be into the role.


#5: “The Sandlot”

Rating: PG

Released: April 1, 1993

Why it’s No. 5: In my opinion, this movie is a cult classic. To this day, people still watch it and love it. Though it’s good, the movie has one problem: The dog looks fake.


#4:“Toy Story”

Rating: G

Released: November 22, 1995

Why it’s No. 4: First off, this is one of the first fully computer-animated movies and also gave us popular characters that we all know and love. Because of the time it was made, the animation looks a little lackluster in comparison to today’s modern films, but even with that, it’s still a good watch.

#3: “The Lion King”

Rating: G

Released: June 15, 1994

Why it’s No. 3: The movie as a whole just has a grand scale to it that is just amazing. Secondly, the animation is creative and fun to watch. Plus the songs sound really good and you can’t help but sing along.

#2: “Beauty and the Beast”

Rating: G

Released: November 22, 1991

Why it’s No 2: This movie is incredible. It is the cornerstone of Disney animation, and has brought us memorable characters and songs.



#1: “Titanic”

Rating: PG-13

Released: December 19, 1997

Why it’s No. 1: First off, the movie is the second highest-grossing movie in the world. Second, the story is well put together and you feel for the characters and hope for their safety. Next, the shots of the ship are amazing and at times you feel like you’re really on the ship. And finally, the romance between Jack and Rose feels real and you want them to stay together and be safe in the end.

Honorable mentions: “Clueless,” “Toy Story 2”