Which brand of shoe do you prefer?

Nia Carter, General Assignment Reporter

There are a wide variety of shoe brands worn by the Red Oak Junior High community.

I like Skechers because they light up when I stomp and help me see in the dark.”

— 7th grader Adarian McIntosh

I like Nike because it’s comfortable and highly recommended.”

— 7th grader Danielle Wallace

I like Jordans because they’re cool and popular and I play like Michael Jordan.”

— 7th grader Aliyah Harden

I like KDs because they have a better grip on the basketball [court] and I play like Kevin Durant.”

— 7th grader Mikaili Morris

I like Toms because they’re super comfortable and they support a good cause because for every pair of Toms purchased someone less fortunate in another country receives a pair.”

— English teacher Rachel Adams

I like a variety of shoes as long as they’re comfortable and have an affordable price.”

— Library assistant Lana Tackett