Slice-proof invention wins first at Iinvent competition

Slice-proof invention wins first at Iinvent competition

VIctoria McCoy, General Assignments Reporter

Aubrey Gordon took first place April 27 at the Iinvent competition for her “Slip-Not” invention, which uses silicone to protect fingers from being sliced when cutting small objects.

“I felt like all the hard work paid off when I found out I won,” Gordon said.

Iinvent is a competition in which 8th graders display the inventions they created as a project for science class.

“The students were to come up with an invention,” Science teacher David Flanagan said. “They had to find a problem and use the problem to invent something to solve the issue.”

Only the top 10 inventions were judged at competition, which was held in the ROJH library.

“It is kind of like a step forward program, and they had 10 judges judging each of the projects,” Flanagan said.

Colton Jakubik and Mohamed Abumerhi received second place for their invention “The Top Tainer,” while Naythan Morgan received third place for his hunting-related invention.