Students attempt to make ‘dull’ dress code durable


Yessica Lopez

Maria Sandri tries to make the dress code more creative by wearing lots of skirts and knee-high socks.

Allyssa Villalon, Student Life Editor

At ROJH, students don’t like to think they’re “breaking” dress code; they like to think they’re “improving” it.

“I don’t like the dress code to be honest, but I don’t break it. I try and make it look more creative by wearing lots of skirts and knee-high socks,” 8th grader Maria Sandri said. Sandri said she receives compliments on her look every day.

Some students try to dress up dress code by wearing items such as hoodies.

“I wear different hoodies to look better,” 8th grader Eliazar Jimenez said. “Then again, I think it’s good that our school has a dress code because it helps with bullying.”

Dress code is enforced in some schools for the purpose of decreasing bullying. The reasoning behind the code is to try and make everyone look the same so no one feels inferior or superior to someone else because of their clothes.

“I don’t like the dress code either, because I don’t like to tuck in my shirt and wear a belt. It makes people look weird,” 7th grader Ricky Martinez said.