Five summer albums that will bring the heat

Zoie Shaw, Arts & Entertainment Reporter


Title: Jekyll + Hyde

Artist: Zac Brown Band

Release Date: April 28

Why you should buy it: If you like country music and bands, then this is the right album for you.


Title: True Colors

Artist: Zedd

Release Date: May 19

Why you should buy it: Zedd’s genre is EDM and has remix music. If you like to listen to EDM, then this album is the right one to jam out to.


Title: Everything Is 4

Artist: Jason Derulo

Release Date: June 2

Why you should buy it: He has a mixture of R&B and pop in his music. If you like that, then this is the album for you.


Title: Not An Apology

Artist: Bea Miller

Release Date: July 21

Why you should buy it: If you like pop music, then this album is great album to listen to. Maybe you have never listened to her, but that doesn’t mean you won’t like it.


Title: A Head Full of Dreams

Artist: Coldplay

Release Date: TBA (Sometime during the summer)

Why you should buy it: Coldplay is a band that is pop alternative-rock and if you liked their previous music, then you will like this album as well.


Title: Honeymoon

Artist: Lana Del Rey

Release Date: TBA (In the summer)

Why you should buy it: If this is anything like her previous albums, her fans will go (happily) ballistic.