8th grade is too early to pick endorsements

8th grade is too early to pick endorsements

Heaven Tuggle, Opinion Writer

8th graders are forced to pick their endorsements way too early.

Most of the kids either have lost them, want to change all the classes, or they forget about them, and they get destroyed. Also, the students don’t really have much of a clue about the classes that they want, and they end up choosing blindly. Most students mirror their friends’ schedules, hoping to get classes together.

The purple sheets get destroyed or lost at home, and then students have a hard time replacing them because they forgot everything they wanted to do in high school. So why even try?

The “plan” they make you set up won’t help since most people will want to do something else when they see something more interesting. Our school doesn’t have a lot of options like the high school does, so we won’t know what we want to be until we get there. Then we can personally meet the teachers and find out if we would like that class and if that’s what we want to be.

The school is pressuring us to choose, and we won’t always want to be a doctor or engineer. Things like that are always changing. So how can you force us to choose our career path, have our parents sign it, then hope we follow it until high school ends? Ha! As if.

That’s just how kids think. They don’t want to have to be forced into something they don’t fully understand. Yes, show us our options for the high school, but give us time to figure our lives out.

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