Check out these game apps

Check out these game apps

Heaven Tuggle, Opinion Writer

Apps are getting more complicated, becoming more addictive and more aggravating.

Most of the games we play on our phones are strategic. You need a strategy to get through the levels, like going one way or going another way then turning — a strategy to solve one level before you can actually go through the game itself. That must be what makes it fun.

“AA” is one of the many games that upset me. I can’t ever get past the first level, much less the second. Shooting ball-sticks is harder than I thought it would be, especially making sure you don’t hit another stick that’s on the center dot. Then numbers build up as you go level to level. I gave up. It was too hard. But keep trying; you might be able to play it.

“Crossy Roads” is another game, and it’s easier than most. Just cross the roads, train tracks and rivers. You control a small animal figure and swipe the screen to move forward, making sure not to hit any of the cars, trains, or land in the water. That kills you, obviously.  It’s fun and easy, if you don’t want anything too complicated.

“Jelly Jump” is a game that needs a bit of patience and a strategy. Tap the screen to make the jelly creature jump up onto another platform onscreen. All the while, you have to try to not be destroyed by a black ooze coming to get you. It’s frustrating when you get stuck in the platforms when they are joining together.  Or when you jump too early and miss it and can’t redo the jumps because the platforms closed. I still love the game and I think that the jellies are cute.

“Zig Zag” is a game where you have to tap the screen for a marble to turn left or right, depending on the path it has. It’s simple, until you realize the path gets smaller and smaller. Collecting jewels to get more marbles is also a challenge. It’s fun, but it can also be boring and aggravating when you can’t get past 24 and just give up. One day I shall get over that level and move on.

All in all these games are fun, even if they can be upsetting time consumers. Don’t spend all of your time on them. Look up and around sometimes you never know what you will see. Plus, it’s a good way of calming down before throwing your phone across the room and into a wall. Then again, a broken phone might force you to go outside… Well, just have fun some way or another.

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