The top five comedies in recent years


Jawn Cade, Copy Editor

There are many different types of movie genres out there: You have action, horror, drama and many more. The one genre that has always stuck out to me would have to be the comedy genre. These movies can always find a way to put a smile on your face, and they are best to watch with family because it adds to the experience.

Here is a look at my favorite comedy movies that have been released in the past few years.


5. Think Like a Man 

At the time of its release, everybody was talking about “Think Like a Man,” and it was just the best thing to talk about at the time. I saw it on opening night with a few friends, and it was so much fun. The movie is a mix of comedy/romance.  There are a ton of celebrities in this movie, such as Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Meagan Good, and Terrence J. I would recommend this movie to anybody who is a fan of comedies.


4. Top Five

This is a movie that I don’t hear people talking about much, and I don’t really get it because it is a great comedy. I saw this movie with my family on opening weekend. We all had a great time with the movie and had some good laughs with it. It deserves way more publicity than it got. Some of the main stars of this movie are Chris Rock, Kevin Hart and Gabrielle Union.


3. Ride Along

When this movie was first announced, it instantly became one of the most anticipated comedy movies ever because of the fact that Kevin Hart and Ice Cube were going to be in the same movie. This movie is about James Payton (Ice Cube) a cop that has a sister who is dating goof Ben Barber (Kevin Hart). One of Ben’s dreams has been to become a cop, and James makes it clear that he does not like Ben whatsoever and does not get why his sister is attracted to him in any way. The only way for Ben to prove that he is worthy of James’s sister is to become a cop himself so that he can protect her.


2. 21 Jump Street

This movie quickly became one of my favorite movies when it was released. The movie had me laughing almost the entire time, and I had a great time with it. The movie was extremely successful, grossing $138,447,667 domestically. This movie is about two cops who are hired to go under cover in a high school to investigate drug crimes. One of the main reasons that they are able to do this is because their appearance allows them to fit in with the students. The main stars of this movie are Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill.


1. We’re the Millers

Out of pretty much every comedy movie I have seen, this has got to be the funniest one. It had me laughing throughout the entire thing. The plot of this story is about a drug dealer who is in debt because he was robbed. He fears what his supplier is going to think about this situation and has to regain his trust. For this to work, he unites a group of people he knows and makes a fake family so that he can complete the task. The mission is to acquire the suppliers latest shipment, and it begins to go South.