Students name their top apps

Ashley Rucks, Student Life Reporter

For some students, apps are just a way to kill time. For others, they are ways to track others’ personal lives. For still others, they are a way to get work done.

For whatever reason, apps are becoming more and more popular with students. Here’s a look at their top picks.



Seventh grader Daniel Barrientos has more love for the app Instagram than most people.

“The app I enjoy the most is Instagram because I get to see other peoples lives” he said.

With the app, you can see what people are doing via pictures without even talking to them. Insta has had many updates that are helpful for better picture taking and that alert you to when a picture is posted by one of your favorite accounts.


There are tons of ways to start a conversation with a person besides a face-to-face conversation or a quick phone call, which is why Kik is popular.

“I like Kik because i can talk to anyone with the app,” 8th grader Josue Romero said.

With Kik, you can start a group chat or just a normal chat without giving out your phone number or any personal information.


Eighth grader Levie Smith loves spending his free time on Vine watching hilarious videos.

“It provides entertainment at any time,” Smith said.

Kids get catchy quotes off of Vine and say them non-stop. With Vine, you can get on at any time and see any six-and-a-half second video that you please.


“Google Drive is my favorite app because it helps me get organized,” 8th grader Alex Vallejo said.

Google can be very helpful with research or when you just need an answer to a simple question.


If you enjoy taking pictures without posting them to the world, then Snapchat is the app for you. Snapchat has had lots of updates to where now you text and Facetime on there.

“I enjoy Snapchat because it’s fun sending pictures to my friends that also have the app,” 8th grader Kenzie Golden said.

The App store

The App store is always something that’s very useful; you can download almost anything from a flashlight app to an app that helps you track your phone down when you’ve lost it.

“The App store gives me more apps and games” 8th grader Coleman Hopkins said.