Don’t lay ‘terrorist’ label at the feet of one group

Dont lay terrorist label at the feet of one group

Sarah Isa, Opinion Writer

Many Muslims around the world have experienced someone calling them a terrorist. When one Muslim kills someone, he is known as a terrorist and everyone who belongs to that religion is branded as such.

There are 1.25 billion Muslims in the world. Is America really saying that all these people are terrorists?

One of those Muslims who has been called a terrorist is me.

I was called a terrorist because of my hijab, but I never say anything. Not because I don’t know what to say. But our prophet Muhammad has been through tougher than this, and I thought about what he would do. He would respond respectfully, which is why our religion means peace. So I ignore the people who say these ignorant things.

Only two percent of recent terror acts have been committed by Muslims. When Israel committed more than 400 attacks and killed thousands of Palestinians, they weren’t called terrorists. In fact, the media said that they were only defending themselves.

When American Craig Hicks killed three Muslims over a parking spot in February 2015, he was punished, but he wasn’t called a terrorist. Nor were other Americans who killed Muslims in hate crime attacks.

There has been a lot of coverage this week about the 20th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. Within those articles, perpetrator Timothy McVeigh is almost never referred to as “terrorist Timothy McVeigh”. What’s more terroristic than killing hundreds of men, women and children?

It’s time for the citizens of the world to open their eyes to the truth. History has shown all people of all religions are capable of terroristic acts. Don’t lay the blame at the feet of one group.