Three teachers win grants to purchase technology

Math teacher Jessica Vasquez won a grant through the Education Foundation on March 2. Vasquez will use the grant to purchase clickers for her classroom.

Kailee Kerstiens, General Assignments Reporter

Three teachers at Red Oak Junior High received grants they applied for through the Education Foundation on March 2.

The teachers at ROJH who received grants this year are Erin Cristales, Elizabeth Skrdla and Jessica Vasquez.

Each teacher had their own reasons for applying for the grants, including getting better quality items for their classrooms, and also to make sure their students have the resources they need to learn to the best of their abilities. Vasquez received a grant for multiple response clickers that pair with the smart board technology that is already in her classroom.

“There was a need in my classroom that I saw,” Vasquez, a resource math teacher, said. “Students [were] getting excited about some games that we were playing, and I saw that there was an available technology that would fill that need.”

Skrdla, an English teacher, will use her grant to add technology to her classroom in the form of laptops.

“I plan on having a technology-based classroom where we can do research and use Google docs so the kids can share their projects,” said Skrdla.

Not all the grants went to core classes. One of the grants went to the school’s AV technology and journalism teacher Erin Cristales, who is using the grant to purchase camcorders and microphones for her classes.

“I thought the grant would be a good opportunity to upgrade my classes’ equipment so that they would have higher quality videos, as well as higher quality sound,” Cristales said.

Maria Loredo and Dalton Stevens contributed to this article.