Joggers gain popularity at ROJH


Ebony Harden

Guillermo Flores stays comfortable in his joggers as he works on Think Through Math in the ROJH library Monday.

Jazmin Quintana, Student Life Reporter

Everywhere you go, teenagers are wearing joggers: pants that are a mix of pants and sweatpants. Joggers are popular — especially with boys at ROJH — due to their comfort.

“They are really comfortable, and I thank whoever made these in school colors because they are still in dress code,” 7th grader Daniel Gutierrez said.

However, boys’ desire to wear joggers all the time is annoying to some girls.

“Boys think they are really cool bcause they bought joggers and wear them during school. They are just so annoying,” 8th grader Ana Laura Garcia said.

According to the dress code at ROJH, joggers are allowed as long as they aren’t the actual “sweatpants” joggers. Also, the joggers have to be in a dress code color or students will go to ISS for the day.

Some students like joggers for the cost.

“I think joggers are way better than having regular khaki pants. They are just a waste of money and you can buy like five pair of joggers for the week,” 8th grader Nathan Roblez said. “Joggers are worth it because guys or girls, will be comfortable throughout the day.”