Some students live by own code when it comes to clothes


Ebony Harden

Eighth grader Brooke Marshall works on an assignment in class Monday. Like many students, Marshall wears scarves to add some personality to the dress code.

Jazmin Quintana, Student Life Reporter

When it comes to dress code, the words students use most often are “lame” and “boring.”
However, there are ways to make the dress code work in a more fashionable way.

Many girls at school wear scarves to make the dress code more stylish and to cover the fact that they’re not wearing a collared shirt.

“Every morning, I usually pick a scarf with my shirt to make it more stylish, and it’s not so boring and lame,” 8th grader Ana Laura Garcia said. “The people that made the dress code might think we don’t have a way to get away from the dress code, but many students find a way to get away with it. Every girl and guy will have their own way to dress, even if we have a dress code policy.”

If 8th grader Dalton Stevens could change the dress code he would let everyone wear what they want, within limits.

“I usually make it [the dress code] more stylish by wearing a specific brand of shoe and wearing a dress code jacket, but that looks stylish,” Stevens said.

However, 7th grader Kenzie Jackson doesn’t mind the dress code. “The dress code is nice and comfortable,” Jackson said. “Literally everyone hates the dress code, but honestly to me, I don’t hate the dress code. I just wear what I have to.”