‘GTA Heists’ is a steal, especially for free

Matthew Barrett, Arts & Entertainment Reporter

After years of waiting, the “Grand Theft Auto V Heists” update has finally come out. It’s better than what most of us were expecting, with the addition of seven new vehicles that add a whole new level to the “GTA V” experience. The new generation of consoles get five heists, while the last generation got six as a reward for having to wait so long to be able to play heists.

They also added a lot of of new clothing pieces, including functional rebreathers and night vision goggles. The new vehicles are the Insurgent, Insurgent pickup, Hydra, Valkyrie, Savage, Karin Technical, and the Karuma. The Insurgent is a large armored truck that takes three explosives to get rid of it, making it nearly unstoppable, while the pickup version has a mounted machine gun on the roof.

The default version costs $675,000 and the pick-up costs $1,350,000. The Hydra is a $3 million VTOL (Vertical TakeOff and Landing) and is currently the most expensive thing in GTA online. The Karin Technical is a $950,000 dollar pick up truck with a mounted machine gun. The Valkyrie is a heavy support helicopter with mounted machine guns on either side and has an explosive canon on the front for the co-pilot to use, which costs $2.86 million. There is also the savage attack helicopter that is meant for one to two people, making it less for transport and more for covering ground teammates, which totals $2.96 million.

And last but not least, there is the armored Karuma. It is a fast, armored sports car that makes you pretty much invincible from anything but explosives. The money that the average crew member will get from the heists would be about $5 million. The GTA heists update was more than what we were all expecting because it is free for anyone who has the game.