State needs to stay out of school cafeteria

Heaven Tuggle, Opinion Writer

The school lunches have changed from sometimes good to permanently blah. Not only is the food bad, but the new rules cause you to waste money.

You have to have wheat bread only and you have to have a vegetable. The vegetable idea is a waste: Nobody eats it, they all throw it away. Stop forcing student to get something if they won’t eat it. Won’t that save money for the school? If you buy fewer vegetables, then there will be more money for things the school needs.

The state should just leave the school lunches alone instead of constantly making them worse for students. More students began to bring lunches instead of buy them, and a lot of what they are bringing consists of fatty foods. This defeats the supposed purpose of the school lunch policy, which is to make students healthier.

Trying to stop obesity isn’t working with these lunches. If students are going to be forced to have these new lunch choices, there should be at least more options such as strawberries and sugar, vanilla or chocolate pudding, pie, cake, or more main foods like soups, steak and sausage, macaroni, and large salads.

If the goal is to be healthier, then the cafeteria should use more natural food instead of frozen foods. The state of Texas is very strict on their foods in schools and yet they don’t actually give us healthy foods, they give us meals from a freezer.

Now that the foods have changed and the menus are unappealing, more food is wasted and kids are bringing even more unhealthy meals from home. The state need to stay out of the school cafeteria.

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