7th grade star athlete dreams big, works hard


Journie Fisher

Manny Zamora’s coaches have singled him out as a star athlete at ROJH. The 7th grader plays basketball and football for the school.

Lindsey Barrientez, In-depth reporter

Manny Zamora’s dreams took off  when he was just 4 years old.

The ROJH 7th grader wasn’t even in kindergarten when he first began playing sports. By the age of 13, thanks to his hard work and dedication, Zamora was ranked 23 in Texas for 14U division football.

His accomplishments have led to Zamora being recognized as one of the best 7th  grade athletes at ROJH. Not only does Zamora participate in football, he plays basketball as well.

Zamora’s coaches strongly believe in his strengths and are happy with his efforts in helping his teammates grow as players.

“I always see Manny push other players to give their best and build their confidence,” ROJH basketball/football coach Andy Kelso said.

When Zamora first started off in football, he played in the pee-wee league for the Red Oak Buccaneers. He played with the Buccaneers until he began playing for the school. His years in football have taught him endurance.

“Even though it gets difficult sometimes, there’s no reason why I can’t push through and finish what I started,” Zamora said. “I have to admit that sometimes conditioning does get hard, but at the end, I remember that my coaches only push us to make us better.”

Being a leader is more than just a title for Zamora. Good grades, touchdowns, tackles and rebounds have all taken an important role in his life. Although this incredible athlete makes it look easy, he has had moments where he struggled.

“My faith is strong and my head is high,” Zamora said. “Without those two things, I wouldn’t be the athlete I am today.”