Students compete for spot in coveted Hawk Scholars Academy

Program offers chance to graduate from high school with associate’s degree

Ashley Rucks, Student Life Reporter

Forty-three students from ROJH have applied for the Hawk Scholars Academy this year, which is meant to give incoming high school freshman a jumpstart in their college careers.

The program allows students to earn their associate’s degree by earning 60 dual credit hours while in high school. They can then enter the University of Texas at Arlington as a junior.

Eighth graders found out about the program in February and began to work on the requirements. They were required to put together a portfolio and attend the Academy’s information meeting with their parents in March.

Eighth grader Alana Chaney’s parents love the program.

“My parents know this is a wonderful opportunity, and so do I. This gives me a head start in college, so I can get out and start doing my job,” Chaney said.

The Hawk Scholars Academy has grabbed the attention of many 8th graders.

“I think it’s a cool idea to be able to start college things now and get them out of the way,” 8th grader Erin Freeman said.

As scholars, students will remain part of the main ROHS campus. They will have the same opportunities for extracurricular activities and experiences as their classmates.

Current 8th grade students are considered for entry into the Hawk Scholars Academy through a process which includes a student portfolio, academic excellence, and a panel interview with members of ROISD, Navarro, and UTA staff members. The panel interviews took place April 6 and 7.

“The interview was very scary, but they were all questions I knew the answer to” Chaney said.

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