Students see bright side of color choices

Hannah Norwood, Student Life Reporter

Colors have a different definition for different people.

“The colors you wear show how you carry yourself sometimes,” 7th grader Lindsey Barrientez said. “But not always; it might just be you look better in darker or brighter colors, and you want to look your absolute best.”

Some people say if you wear darker colors you’re a “dark person.” Not in 8th grader Jake Camacho’s case.

“I wear darker colors because it looks better on me, but I’m a happy person,” Camacho said.

Everyone wants all of their special features noticed.

“I feel that if you match and are in ‘color code,’ it will bring out your true beauty and will always highlight those special features,” 8th grader Raegan Franklin said.

Not only does the color you wear represent you, it shows your mood or personality.

“The colors you might wear might have a positive or negative effect on you but not always,” 7th grader Rickayla Poole said.