Don’t add this to your Snapchat story

Dont add this to your Snapchat story

Courtney Jackson, In-depth reporter

“Oh. Hold on. Let me add this picture to my Snapchat story.” In all seriousness, what is the point of Snapchat?

You  take a picture of yourself and then send it to a friend or add it to your story. Why can’t you just send that picture to your friend or send it to multiple friends that would originally view it on your story? If you want your friend to see a picture of you, just text it to them so they can keep it. Not “snap” it to them so they can see it for a few seconds.

Same thing with videos. The Snapchat videos are limited to 10 seconds and some people want to take a longer video. Snapchat users could just take a regular video and send it to their friend in text format instead of “snapping” it to them.

If you just use Snapchat to communicate with your friends with the captions, why can’t you just text them the message? They will have more time to read it and they could keep it for as long as they need to. Also, it would be a whole lot easier to reply.

“Hey, what’s your Snapchat score?” Why does it matter? Someone’s Snapchat score is the number of how many snaps have been sent to them and how many they have sent. Does it really matter? Everyone is already being based on numbers like the ones on the scale and how many likes an Instagram post gets; do we really have to add another number to be judged by?

I understand fans wanting to see their favorite star or YouTuber, but do they need Snapchat for it? Fans could just see them on other social media such as Instagram or Twitter. Snapchat isn’t necessary to see their favorite stars; we have other apps for that.

Overall, I believe Snapchat is a waste of time and people should just text each other instead of using an app to share pictures, videos and chat.