Don’t let personal beliefs stand in the way of gay marriage

Dont let personal beliefs stand in the way of gay marriage

Mikayla Flores, Opinion Editor

One of the biggest controversies globally is gay marriage. The government assumes that people agree with the “no gay marriage allowed” rule in many states and countries.

They don’t.

People should love who they love and and be with them no matter the circumstances.

I’m not very religious, and I really don’t know what I believe in right now. The Holy Bible holds a ton of influence on what people believe. If you grow up with your parents thinking that The Bible is telling you that gay marriage is a sin, then you will likely be influenced by that. Some others’ decisions are influenced by what others think and say, which is ridiculous.

Just think: What if you were in their shoes and it was a “godly sin” for a man and a woman to be together? That would be unfair in all kinds of way, and vice versa. The entire world is wrapped up in this mess. I just don’t get why gay marriage is not allowed in places all over. It’s not your life that they’re living, and even if you don’t accept it, you don’t have the right to discriminate.

The gay community, along with others who aren’t necessarily gay, but support the right to love who you want, are fighting for this right. This is comparable to the Women’s Rights Act. They had to take it one step at a time until they got what they deserved. No one believed in them, and now look at where women are now and what they have accomplished. Marriage equality is going to take time and patience as well.

I believe that people should be with who they love and even get married if they’d like. The world should not control, and neither should the government, who a person can or cannot love.
This society has to accept the fact that people are different and we do not all think the same. Be who you are and don’t let anyone change you and what you think.