Fifth Harmony produces first-rate ‘Reflection’

Fifth Harmony produces first-rate Reflection

Zoie Shaw, Arts & Entertainment Reporter

Girl band Fifth Harmony has come out with a new album, “Reflection,” that is not only loved by most of their fans but even those who aren’t fans of their music. This new album has earned them quite a few new admirers; you may not love their personality, but their music might pull you in.

“Reflection” features hit singles such as “Sledgehammer” and “BO$$.” The album has a mix of pop, hip-hop, and R&B artists including Tyga & Kid Ink, and a song with Meghan Trainor called “Brave Honest Beautiful.” This was a good song in which to feature Trainor, since the band and the singer have both made songs about self confidence.

Fifth Harmony has brought their music to a whole other level from bubblegum pop to more of a mature pop. They first made themselves known on “X Factor USA” and have earned their deserved success since then. There still are people out there who definitely don’t agree, but may change their minds when they listen to “Reflection.”

This is a great album to listen to when you’re hanging with your friends and want something worth listening to. “Reflection” might add some much-needed harmony to your life.