Let’s look forward to 8th grade party

Heaven Tuggle, Opinion Writer

The 8th grade party is something to look forward to. The food will be better than school food for sure, even if it’s a considerably smaller amount. Two slices of pizza, and I think you can buy more snacks if you bring money.

It’s cool that we can get out of school for most of the day. We also get to see all of our friends, though most of my friends are in 7th grade.

It cost $20 to get in, which would be fair if it wasn’t a party during the school day and should be paid by the school itself. Oh, well. No school, no learning, and no cares.

Plus, the party will be after STAAR, so that’s a stress relief and a reward.

Most of my time will either be spent playing pool or at the arcade. Hopefully, the snacks will be something that actually appeals to us. Otherwise, I will force myself to eat it.

Laser tag could be fun, even though I have never played it before. I don’t know the first thing about laser tag, how to play, how to get someone out, what you wear, or if there’s points.

But I will have fun there.

No matter what!

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