Results of technology survey will determine changes to rules on using devices at school


Kailee Kerstiens, General Assignments Reporter

In an effort to decide if students should be allowed to use electronics in class, administrators have created a survey that was presented to students in mid-January.

The survey asked parents and students how they feel about the different devices they are exposed to at home. It also asked them if they had access to the Internet.

Recently the district has considered embracing policies, such as BYOD [Bring Your Own Device], at school. This would allow students to bring their own electronic devices to use in the classroom.

“The survey will help us make choices about teachers asking students to bring their phones to class,” Principal Cristi Watts said. “It will help us make a decision about whether we should have more electronics out in class.”

Administrators have said that allowing students to use their phones in class would make sense, especially as teachers are starting to embrace technology more recently.

“Since we are getting into the technology age, we should relax more on the cellphone rules,” Watts said.

The district will look at the results of the survey this semester to determine whether or not students will be allowed to use their electronic devices more at school.