ROJH wins second place overall at UIL meet


Red Oak ISD

Red Oak took home second place overall in the Feb. 14 UIL competition held at the Intermediate campus.

Jovanna Coronado, General Assignments Reporter

Red Oak Junior High took home second place overall at the academic UIL competition held Feb. 14 at Red Oak Intermediate School. While Ennis Junior High took home first place overall, Red Oak won medals in numerous categories, including Ready Writing, Editorial Writing, Impromptu Speaking, Spelling, Oral Reading, Science, Art, Modern Oratory, One-Act Play and Social Studies.

Rhian Carson took home first place in Ready Writing. While many competitors were nervous, Carson said she was calm, but was still surprised when her friend told her she won.

“I wasn’t nervous because I didn’t even know it was a competition,” Carson said.

Some students found themselves competing against friends, including Leslie Ramos and one of her best friends.

“Me and my best friend were both competing in the art category, and we competed for first place and all the glory,” Ramos said.

Ramos ultimately won first place in Art is the 8th grade competition, while September Daniels won first place in Art for 7th grade.

“l was really nervous before the competition, but after, I was just relieved it was over,”Daniels said. “And I was really happy and excited that I won and so were my friends.”

Devin Wilcox performed in the One-Act Play, along with competing in Ready Writing. Wilcox was not only proud of himself, but also his friends and everyone who competed. Like many, he had a fun experience and would like to compete again.

“l was confident that we would be in the top few if we didn’t win,”Wilcox, who won All-Star Cast at the One-Act competition and sixth place in Ready Writing, said. “And whenever it was over with, I was just glad and I felt I accomplished a lot.”

Julie Zahrndt wasn’t expecting to win first place in social studies when she went to the UIL competition.

“I was shocked because this was about studying, and I am not very good,” Zahrndt said. “And I felt kind of bad because there were others on my team that tried harder. I guess my educated guesses were really educated.”