Stunned by girls’ devotion to artificial beauty

Stunned by girls devotion to artificial beauty

Sarah Isa, Opinion Writer

I personally think makeup only hides the real you. In a study that included 10 countries, it was found that 68% of women ages 18-64 use makeup products to feel more physically attractive. Of those, 62% of women ages 7 to 17 wear makeup because they feel insecure or not sure of themselves. Seventy-two percent of girls with low self-esteem felt their appearance did not measure up and felt they were not pretty enough.

Some girls are just in love with makeup. On the bus, some girls start screaming because they forgot to put makeup on in the morning. One girl said that she would rather have her phone taken up then her makeup. I was shocked.

Girls need to take care of their skin. When girls wear makeup, they are making their skin unhealthy, and it will just get more unhealthy as they age. I am not saying don’t put on makeup at all, but don’t wear too much makeup. The less makeup, the healthier the skin.

I see girls in school who just pour makeup all over their face as if they stuck their face in a pie. Too much makeup isn’t pretty or healthy. At least make sure the makeup you are using isn’t harmful. For example, some makeup could cause a few skin reactions.

Some girls worry about makeup more than their education. They get distracted easily when their makeup gets messed up. Girls should at least wait until high school to put on makeup. It’s not the end of the world. Plus most guys don’t really like makeup. Most girls put makeup on to impress guys. If you are in love with makeup, wear just a little makeup or wait until you are 18.

Girls shouldn’t hide who they really are. Feel confident in yourself.