Grammys sound better than ever

Even with Levine, Stefani’s dud of a performance, the awards were full of great surprises


Zoie Shaw, Arts & Entertainment Reporter

Even though the Grammys lost more than three million viewers from last year (down to 25.3 million viewers from 28.5 million), it doesn’t mean the awards show wasn’t good. Many great artists took home their deserved awards, although there was controversy surrounding Beck’s win for album of the year over Beyonce.

The one who swept the Grammys this year was British singer Sam Smith. Smith won four awards at the Grammys, all of which were some of the biggest given at the ceremony (including Record of the Year). He won the most awards this year, a pretty big accomplishment considering most of those he was competing against have been in the music industry longer than Smith.

There were also some amazing performances. The artists who performed at the Grammys added a nice touch to the award show, but many viewers weren’t as thrilled with Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani’s performance of “My Heart is Open” because of the slowness of the song; in fact, the song was so boring, it probably made most people want to fall asleep.

Beyonce’s performance was a different story. She performed “Take My Hand, Precious Lord.” Her performance was breathtaking, and wowed the crowd.

This year’s Grammys was full of great surprises; let’s hope next year’s is equally good.