Oops … did he do that?

Steve Urkel still inspires laughs

Oops ... did he do that?

Hannah Jones Griffin, Opinion Writer

In one episode of “Family Matters,” Steve Urkel (played by Jaleel White) is at his most delightfully spastic. Steve is helping Mr. Winslow (known as “Big Guy”) with building and hanging shelves in Winslow’s garage when Winslow notices Steve is acting even stranger than usual.

He’s so hyper, it’s like he has just tasted coffee for the first time; he’s dancing all over place, alternating between ballet, polka, and a whole lot of others. Steve’s face is contorted into all kinds of goofy expressions as he runs back and forth in the garage.

This all leads to the revelation that Urkel has accidentally been taking diet pills that belonged to Winslow’s daughter, Laura. Steve’s reaction? “ What? You mean I have been taking drugs. I gotta … I gotta … I gotta … DANCE!”

Steve Urkel is one of my favorite characters from TV. He brings out the comedy on the show, especially as he goes from being clumsy to falling deeply in love with Laura Winslow to wearing his big goofy glasses and suspenders.

What I love about Urkel are his catchphrases, like “Look what you did!” and “Did I do that?” The catchphrases really set the mood for the show to be fun and hysterical. When I first saw the show, I was literally laughing so hard, my stomach hurt. Jaleel White (as Urkel) is an amazing comedian — I bet anyone who has watched “Family Matters” was laughing so hard, their gut burst because he is so funny.

If you have never heard of Steve Urkel and are looking for something to laugh your socks off about, then Urkel is your guy. He has made my experiences with “Family Matters” the best ever, and hopefully he will reach others the way he has reached me through comedy.