Crazy girlfriend strikes on Instagram

Cool heads win out in nasty online argument

Crazy girlfriend strikes on Instagram

Morgan Brown, Video Reporter/Editor


In junior high, every day is full of drama.

Case in point: A couple months ago, I got slammed with instant messages from a girl whose boyfriend I posted a picture of for Instagram’s “Man Crush Monday.”

I didn’t think posting the photo would be a big deal; I mean, I do this to all of my cute male friends, and it’s just a picture. Plus, it was a really funny picture he sent to me on Snapchat.

But apparently to his girlfriend, it was a REALLY big deal. She sent me some nasty comments (which can’t be printed here). Still, I decided to responded nicely and calmly since I thought yelling or being mean back would be an unreasonable thing to do.

The nastier she got, the nicer I got. This turned out to be smart, because she eventually realized how out of line she sounded and apologized to me the next morning.

I told her “Thank you, and have a good day,” but I also admitted to my part in the situation: after all, I did post that picture.

For me, the key to shaking it off is by doing exactly what I did during the “Man Crush Monday” fiasco: keeping a cool, level head. This has also helped me on other occasions, such as when my dogs ran away or when I have gotten into fights with my best friends.

Crazy girlfriend and I don’t really talk anymore. But we’re not butting heads online either. What could have been an ongoing mean situation has now come to a calm conclusion.