Teens embrace technology more than ever

Hannah Norwood, Student Life Reporter

Teens use technology in almost everything they do in their lives. They use it for homework, to navigate from place to place, to listen to music, and even just for fun.

Nalani Lear, a 7th grader at ROJH, said she often uses her phone to research information and listen to music. However, for Lear, there’s an even better reason to break it out.

“Most of the time, I use it for fun,” she said.

For students like 7th grader Makayla Davis, technology is a key way to avoid getting lost.

If you wanted to travel somewhere, the Internet’s got your back,” Davis said.

For 7th grader Cadence Jenkins, technology is a key factor in everything from completing homework to heating up a snack before tackling the homework.

“Technology is very useful, you can use it for just about anything,” Jenkins said. “It’s used in just about everything we do. You can search up homework help just like I do when I don’t understand correctly in class.”

There are some drawbacks to technology, though. For example, teens are constantly checking for text messages, emails, and posts on Instragram.

“All technology is, is social media,” 8th grader Hunter Smith said. “It controls how you live and you. Or if you can get away with things or not.”