‘Destiny’ DLC only worth it for hardcore fans

Destiny DLC only worth it for hardcore fans

Matthew Barrett, Arts & Entertainment Reporter

“The Dark Below” is the first DLC (downloadable content) that was released. While it was pretty good overall, it seems to be lacking content.

It was particularly disappointing for the fans of “Destiny” on xBox; they got even less content because Bungie decided to make one of the two strikes exclusive to PlayStation until fall of 2015.

However, the content that is available in the DLC is amazing. As soon as you buy the DLC, you get a special sparrow that has the ability to do flips and is faster than most other sparrows.

The level cap is risen two levels, making it 32. There are also three story missions, a strike, and a raid in this expansion, but they weren’t too exciting. There were a few crucible maps, which did help change up the crucible. There were quite a few pieces of armor added, as well as weapons.

A lot of fans were disappointed with “The Dark Below” because the price was deceiving; it was a $20 cost that honestly shouldn’t have been more than $15. Unless you’re a huge fan, “Destiny: The Dark Below” probably isn’t worth the $20. You might want to wait for the price to drop a bit.