Dance leads way to big dreams

Dance leads way to big dreams

Hannah Jones Griffin, Opinion Writer

Ever since I was 5 years old, I always felt I had a natural gift for dance. My mom would tell me this story of how when I heard music as a toddler, I would start tapping my foot and bouncing my hips. To this day, my mom says I am a natural dancer, inside and out.

I admire dance for the art, style, and passion. There is never a day that goes by where I do not dance at all. Dance makes me feel like I can do or achieve anything.

My first experience in an actual dance class was in 7th grade. Before I went to my first class, I had no idea what a pirouette was. I was really nervous because everyone else was in drill team, and I tried out for drill team the year before and didn’t make it.

It was even more complicated because everyone else knew the dance technique, but my teacher was very supportive. Learning all these different turns and leaps was fascinating to me and helped motivate me to become a better dancer.

After taking the class, I was determined to try out for drill team again. I started going to dance classes, stretching every day and practicing my turns. When tryouts came around, I gave it my all. Soon, I found out I had made the team. That was the the greatest accomplishment I have ever achieved.

Now I am living out my dreams on drill team. Dance has done a lot for me in my life; it is worth all the practices, the stretching, the hard work. Dance makes me come alive and be myself. Dance expresses my personality and shows the world who I really am.