New music needs more emotion

New music needs more emotion

Mikayla Flores, Opinion Editor

Over the years, there has been some really interesting music. Genres have expanded and become more important to the world. People can show their emotions, whether angry or happy, depressed or in love. Music is something that brings the world together, but recently, it has  become more about money than the love of creating good music people can relate to.

Some genres are full of foul language, and references to drugs, hating, and killing. Kids all around the world are listening to this and thinking, “They’re so cool, and they do drugs, I wanna be cool, so I’ll do drugs.”

What happened to those emotional songs and lyrics people used to sing their hearts and souls out for? Not every songwriter has cheesy lines like, “All about that bass.” I understand why all of the recent music is liked by heaps of people. The songs have good rhythm and lyrics that get stuck in our heads (get out, get out, get out of my head, One Direction!)

Most people nowadays are in the music business only for the money and the fame. They focus more on getting famous than the content they are creating. A ton of people nowadays have other people write their songs. How are they supposed to put their heart and soul into their singing if they didn’t even have the same emotions as the songwriter?

Old school music. The soulfulness you felt when they belted out the first line. Even though not everyone wrote their own music back in the day, there still wasn’t as many corny, soulless lines. Back then, they didn’t have social media, so it took a lot more hard work and dedication to get your music out there and to the top. You couldnt just post videos on YouTube and the next day be a pop sensation.

Music has changed people’s lives, whether current music or old school. Today’s music can give inspiration to others to do something big in their lives, encourage them. Both can make you want to get up and dance, make you think about your life, and take a minute and think about reality instead of the life and socialness we are caught up in. Current music’s message to the world is not always the best, but they still deliver a message.

I enjoy listening to both oldies and current music. Many people may agree with this, depends on how you interpret it. The thing is that we all have that one thing in common…It does not matter if you like rock, pop, rap,classical or indie, we all love music. At the tap of a pencil you’ve got a rhythm and it just keeps going from there. Like I said music today has changed a great deal, but we still enjoy it. Music changes peoples’ lives, but is today’s music changing their lives in the way you want?