Hobbies can lead to inspiration

Hobbies can lead to inspiration

Hannah Jones Griffin, Opinion Writer

The first word that pops into my head when I hear the word word hobby is “dance.”

It’s my favorite hobby. I dance all the time because I truly love it. Dance is my passion.

A hobby is something you do all the time. I feel hobbies are a productive way to spend our time, especially when we have nothing to do. There are many things to do when you’re bored. You can draw, play games, stretch or read.

Some people may like to read more than watch television. Trust me, I’d rather dance or stretch than watch television. I also like to write; it is one of my other favorite hobbies. It can be challenging at times, but I still love to do it. Some future jobs relating to writing that I might want to look into include journalist (especially broadcast). Hobbies can lead to dream jobs or just something you love to do.

Take your parents, for instance: What are their jobs? Do they like them? Is it a hobby or just a job? My mom is a teacher, and she loves to teach just as much as I love to dance. She has had many encounters with different grades but third grade is her favorite. Teaching is something my mom enjoys. She is also looking forward to going into administration.

If we didn’t have a have a hobby, we would all be robots waiting for a command so we won’t be bored. Hobbies lead and inspire us more than we ever realize.