Civil Air Patrol students pair up for ride of their life

Victoria McCoy, General Assignments Reporter

On Jan. 17, Civil Air Patrol cadets went on a flight to learn about the planes they could fly when they are older.

Civil Air Patrol students learned the basic systems and parts of the planes. When they are in class, they learn some of the parts of the plane, but they said it doesn’t compare to the actual experience.

The most thrilling part of the ride for most of the students was controlling parts of the plane. All of the students who went on the ride enjoyed how much they learned.

The students rode with partners, and one sat in the front to help control the plane while the other sat in the back to enjoy the ride. Once they made it to the first landing, the students switched places.

“I rode in the back at first, and after we arrived in Corsicana, we switched places,” 8th grade  Brandon Young, whose partner was Cora Truelove, said.

As the students rode in the plane, they learned about most of the systems and parts in the plane and how to control the machine at their fingertips.

“It was thrilling, and I loved it,” 7th grade, Cora Truelove said.

Each student who went on the ride could have the chance to earn their five Powered flights and also their five Glided flights. The ride they went on Jan. 17 was a Powered flight.