Teachers’ personalities shine through, brighten day

Teachers personalities shine through, brighten day

Hannah Jones Griffin, Opinion Writer

I like it when my teachers get off track and talk about their personal lives. The more they tell us about themselves, the more their personality shows. Most of my teachers have told the class at least one life story.

Four of my teachers often show their personalities while still making sure that we get our work done. Each day I come to school, I look forward to hearing a story that will make me laugh uncontrollably, especially when it’s my teachers’ doing.

Let’s start off with my favorite teacher, who can make me laugh from taking a huge bite out of a donut or just being plain silly: Ms. Redd. She tells the funniest stories when we are in class discussing our book. She always has a bright smile on her face, and she always makes my day.

Ms. Redd is very unique; she has a lot of special qualities. She makes my learning experience fun and serious at the same time. I still learn a lot, and I actually have begun to like reading because she is very efficient and keeps on track no matter what topic we are on. I am blessed to have such a magnificent teacher.

My other teacher who is an amazing role model and inspiration is Mrs.Cristales. Her personality is very bright and easily seen. You can see she really loves to teach and is very persistent with each of her students. I love my experience with journalism, and my job as an opinion writer.

Mrs. Cristales is very nice and makes sure we are on task, like notifying us about our news quizzes and what we need to have done for this six weeks. Her personality is astonishing in everything she does; she has inspired me to be in journalism as a career. Being her student keeps me busy and is hard work, but it is all worth it.

I have known my teacher Mrs. Isaacks for about two years, and in these years, I have come to know her as the best dance instructor. Even if it is silly or just hard work, she makes dance fun. I love to dance; it is my hobby and being with Mrs. Isaacks has been a helpful experience, especially since Hawkette tryouts are coming soon.

Mrs. Isaacks’ is always eager to help kids grow as dancers. She is so funny when it comes to dance and just having fun. I love Mrs. Isaacks and enjoy being her sassy student.

My favorite history teacher is Mrs. Brown. Mrs. Brown is simply amazing; I love history because of her. She explains things well and makes sure we understand. She even lets us work with partners. I would say her personality is sweet, nice, funny, exquisite. I love Mrs. Brown and I am glad to be her student.

All of my teachers are simply amazing, especially when their personality shows more when they teach. Look at your teachers from a positive perspective and see the bright side to them.