To get A’s, you might want to get Zzzzzzs

Heaven Tuggle, Opinion Writer

Sleep. Everybody loves sleep.

Sometimes when I wake up, I just want to go back to sleep. Students usually sleep around seven to eight hours, when in reality, they need around eight to nine hours. Next to college students, junior high students are the most sleep deprived, mainly due to their hormones and transitioning into teenage years.

Studies show that stress causes us not to sleep as deeply and efficiently. We toss and turn from anxiety about the days that follow so that we’re not able to go into R.E.M., or rapid eye movement, sleep. Maybe you didn’t do your homework and regret it; now you’re unable to sleep.

Sleep affects a lot more than you might think; it can affect your grades, mood, and eating habits. Your brain not processing information because you didn’t have enough sleep. You could snap at your friends for being a little too annoying, or not eat or eat excessively because you need energy. Sleep is a way for the body to relax and release tension, and to generate much needed energy.

Those who are more sleep deprived can pass out wherever, it doesn’t matter. Most think it’s funny when it’s actually unhealthy and dangerous. If you go too long without sleep, your body will shut down and refuse to move until proper rest is given.

It’s not like that’s going to stop us from playing on our phones into the late of the night or just not sleeping. We will learn with time that sleep is needed. Or maybe we’ll just pass out and do it again and again until we figure out what we’re doing.

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