With UIL approaching soon, students make last-minute preparations

Jovanna Coronado, General Assignments Reporter

ROJH students will compete for glory during the academic UIL competitions set for Feb. 10 and Feb. 14.

Some of the areas in which students will compete include listening skills, science, number sense, maps, and charts. Students in the competition say they are working hard to represent ROJH and are keeping winning in mind. ROJH will be competing against junior high students from Ennis, Finley, Howard, Waxahachie, and Midlothian.

Preparing for UIL involves many hours of studying and memorization. Eighth grader Leslie Ramos is one of art teacher Malea Jaffe’s top students in the UIL art competition.

“[I prepare] by studying my cards of paintings and learning the artist and the name of the painting,” Ramos said. “I study by reviewing my cards and quizzing myself and also going to before-school practice for around 30 minutes.”

Considering Jaffe’s competitive spirit, she only picks the best students to compete in UIL art.

“I am really proud of my students. They put in lots of hours outside of school studying,” Jaffe said.

U.S. history teacher Matthew Frost coaches the maps and charts team, and his team members practice every week.

“We are progressing very well, and we will try our best and do great,” Frost said.

Eighth grader Mykala Elder is meeting with her team to try and win UIL. Elder is on Frost’s maps and charts team. She has competed in UIL before, but the maps and charts contest is completely new to her.

“I feel confident because it’s really easy and the more we practice, the easier the concept gets,” Elder said.

Many students are excited to participate in the upcoming competitions, especially the students who have entered before and know what to expect. Those competing on Saturday will also have chances to relieve stress before and after their events.

“UIL is a fun-filled day where the competitors get to do open gym activities, watch movies or just hang out with friends,” Assistant Principal Maricela Torres said.

In the Know

The UIL competitions will take place Feb. 10 in the ROJH library and Feb. 14 at Red Oak Intermediate School.
Winners are expected to be announced by Tuesday, Feb. 17.