What’s the point of Instagram?

Whats the point of Instagram?

Courtney Jackson, In-depth reporter

Social media these days is as pointless as people taking pictures of their food. It’s a hamburger. Who cares?

Take Instagram, for example. Teenagers see their friends every day at school. Why do they feel the need to see them on their mobile device too? If someone wants to talk out of school, then they could exchange phone numbers, instead of DMing them or commenting on their photos. And during the summer, teenagers might feel lonely or have no one to talk to, but they could just call a friend and meet up, instead of shoving their face into a bright screen.

Students see each other at school every day, and when they get home, I doubt they want to see selfies of the same people. Teenagers have made up the “selfie,” and I honestly don’t see the point. The people who take selfies everywhere they go seem self-absorbed and full of themselves. I get it. Some people will take a selfie with a famous person or because they think they look good that day, but taking a selfie at school? No thanks.

Followers. Ugh. People judge you by how many followers you have, and I’m not sure why. Some people aren’t as popular as others. So what? Most people probably don’t even know half of their followers. They’re just random people who are also looking for more followers.

I understand social media for YouTubers or famous people because it gives them a chance to connect with their followers, but they could connect through other social media platforms, where you can post more than pictures.

Hashtags are worthless. You can search the hashtag to see other photos that go along with that topic, but is 200 hashtags really necessary? I liked the good old days when someone could write “#1” on a paper, without somebody else saying, “Hashtag 1?”