Time to dial back morning cell phone policy



Heaven Tuggle, Opinion Writer

If students are allowed to have cell phones in the afternoon, why are they not allowed to have them in the morning? Considering most students get them out anyway, it would be less stressful for both teachers and students to change the policy.

Phones have our music, games and notifications that are important. Also, many students need to call their parents in case they forgot something. We cannot do that if we have to put our phones away.

Teachers have enough to worry about, including making sure that students don’t go where they’re not supposed to, checking dress code, etc. It’s a bit much considering there are only a few teachers around in the morning because most either have tutoring or car duty.

After all, most students ignore the current rule. They just hide their phone when teachers walk by, and most teachers ignore them anyway. Phones are used to receive information, there is no real reason to prohibit them.

The access to phones would help keep control students in the morning and take unnecessary stress off teachers.


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