‘Sword Art Online II’ features cutting-edge story

Matthew Barrett, Arts & Entertainment Reporter

“Sword Art Online II,” the second season of “Sword Art Online,” starts off strong, with a story that makes the viewer constantly worried that the main characters may die.

“Sword Art Online II” takes place in 2023, which is three years after the SAO incident in which 4,000 people died from being stuck in a video game. In the first part of this season, Kirito has to investigate rumors about a person referred to as “Death Gun” who is supposedly killing people in real life through the game.

The story arc is full of mystery, suspense and amazing character development. The second arc of the three arcs is referred to as the “caliber arc.” While really short, it was a nice break from all the seriousness of the first arc, which centers on a virtual world that may be destroyed by a randomly generated quest.

It all leads up to the “Mother’s Rosario” arc, which is the third and final arc of the season. This arc starts off with a happy vibe because Asuna and Kirito finally have their log cabin that they made in “Sword Art Online.” But later on, the arc gets very depressing. In fact, the “Mother’s Rosario” arc includes one of the saddest moments in all of “Sword Art Online.”

Overall, the second season is amazing; it had amazing characters and really good plotlines that get you emotionally invested in its characters.